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Our commitment to sustainable growth has resulted in significant investments both in the expansion of our installations and the modernization of the production equipment.

For non transportable equipment by land, we are able to pre- manufacture in the workshop and assemble on the clients' premises . For that we have:

- A Workshop with a height of 16 metres;

- Rolling cranes for up to 20 tonnes;

- Rolling machine up to 25 mm, of 4 metres;

- Welding table of 6 metros - TIG, PLASMA;

- Welding towers - TIG e Submerged Arc Wleding;

- Orbital Welding machine;

- Automatic plasma cutting;

- Cutting line up to 5 mm;

- Guillotines up to 10 mm, of 3 metres;

- Plate bending up to 15 mm, of 4 metres;

- Abrasive glass bead blasting cabin with 8 x 6 x 5 metres;

- Automatic ferrule welding machine up to 5,5 metres;

- Edge bending machine for flat and conical heads up to 8 mm;

- Lathing machines - Diameters uo to 1,5 mm;

- Radial machine with arm up to1,8 metres;

- Profile Calandra;